úterý, května 31, 2011

neděle, května 22, 2011

California - Southern Sierra, Sequoia Forest

Kern Canyon

Isabella Lake

South creek falls

Sequoia tree

Fallen trunk compared to my backpack

Chalet in Ponderosa.
I stayed over night and met 3 other chaps. We had couple of beers and good chat around campfire.

Sierra Mountains on the north horizon

neděle, května 15, 2011

California - Wild West desert

Joshua tree desert

Lost Horse Mine.

After few hours I finally realized that I'm walking the American Old Wild West. I was thirsty and alone in the hot desert. Sun was high in the sky. The hills around were burned by the last wildfire. Now, I could imagine how one could wish kill someone for golden nugget and never return back again.

Windmills near to Palm Springs

San Diego, Presidio Park

San Diego, Little Italy

neděle, května 08, 2011

California - Hills and Beaches

Crystal Cove park

Next to Beverly Hills

Hills near to Malibu

Mitch from Baywatch was hidden inside,
probably it was too cold for him to show up ;-)

Outdoor museum near to Ventura naval base

Pacific ocean